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    9th of August 2017 01:12 PM Link
    New glass from Ann Cavanaugh just arrived at the gallery!
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  • For All Levels of Experience

    Gallerists, curators of public art and jurors for national shows have a lot in common when it comes to pet peeves in regard to shows. You may think you’ve been on the circuit so long you don’t need a class like this, however, you may be stuck in ineffective habits keeping you out of the bigger shows and galleries you want to be associated with. You may not be current with new developments in marketing. Paperwork and presentation are the first two reasons an artist is disqualified with quality of art the last consideration. Your work may be stunning in every respect, yet if you don’t know how to approach a gallery or fill out a submission your art won’t be seen. The elephant in the room is the bad manners of artists who forget to set the necessary creative narcissism aside when they go out to market their work. The Artists who know how to work the steps are rewarded with space on the wall.

    We’ll talk about the myths, the shifting art market and how to create your niche, define ways to choose the path you want to pursue in addition to the technical side of presentation and the business of shows ~ among other things.

    The price of the class is a small percentage of the cost of doing business if you want to make a living from your art. Your time will be well spent.

    Date & Time: October 10th, 2015 1:00 to 5:00 pm
    Location: Aurora Gallery, 1004 Main Street, Vancouver, Washington 98660

    To register contact:
    Aurora Gallery, 360-696-0449 or at

    Limited to 12 participants
    Free Parking

  • Aurora Gallery’s most recent Frame of the Month started with a really nice original abstract painting. We framed it in a very small gold frame that with a nice deep gold finish.

    The framed piece was then floated on a beautiful piece of black linen. Black linen is really dark and works better than mat board. It offers texture and a richness to the project. Then a larger gold frame that matched the inner frame was added and lined with the same black linen around the inside edge. The art is “set back” rather than popped out.

    This is a really nice Gallery-quality finished project that looks very high end. However, you can achieve this look with any nice painting and without spending a lot. If you would like to try it with one of our paintings (or yours) come in and see us for a 20%-off discount on this type of project framing through May 15th, 2011. Just mention “frame of the month” and we will help you design yours!

  • Completed Custom Mirrored FrameThis framing project of the month starts with a very nice watercolor by Bev Jozwiak and a vision by the client for a mirrored frame with a high-end look.
    Since the perfect frame wasn’t available from commercial resources, we hand-crafted this beauty by covering a plain liner frame with cut strips of mirror, and embellishing with filets and silver leaf. We covered the mirror miter with glue on decorative corners, and then used a nice frame around the edge.
    Mirrored Frame DetailThe end product is a classic frame with a lovely mix of modern and traditional features. The use of mirrors reflects not only the color of the piece, but will take on the overall tone of any room it’s placed in.
    Visit Aurora Gallery for custom-tailored framing options for your special photographs and artwork.